The Path celebrates our 2nd year of service to our sacred Mother Earth and the precious seeds under her protection. The transformation from Flordemayo’s vision from the Divine Mother has been planted and is sprouting to fulfill its mission of seed conservation. We are still in our infancy but what a beautiful family that surrounds this Golden Child. Your loving support and prayers have nurtured this living, breathing vision and we are excited to watch our baby blossom even more!

We invite you to join us in a circle of unity of Love and Light through The Path.

Many Blessings,

Flordemayo and The Path’s Board

  • Flordemayo, as a visionary change-maker, shared her words of wisdom at the Whole Earth Summit discussing “Vision and Action for a Healed Earth”
  • Flordemayo participated in a lecture on medicinal plants at the University of New Mexico in collaboration with RAICES (Remembering Ancestors Inspiring Culture Empwering Self), a group of curanderos sharing resources as traditional herbalists.
  • Flordemayo gave a presentation about The Path at the Estancia public library to local growers who then traveled to the 40-acre property for a seed collecting adventure with Greg Schoen, Seed Keeper.
  • A noble group of Sufi visitors camped on the 40-acres property conducting ceremony and offering prayers to the land and the precious seeds.
  • Nance Klemm, a Path Seed Keeper, conducted a lecture in Santa Fe, NM on “Community Bioremediation: Strategies for Healing our Soils”.
  • Seedkeepers, Nance and Greg, particpated in the cleaning of the seeds on the Tuseque Pueblo in New Mexico.
  • Flordemayo contributed an excerpt to a Living Seed book, sponsored by Dr. Shiva and Shumei International. This book is a project designed to generate awareness of the importance of natural seeds and biodiversity.
  • Hosted the Abspice Ball Project on the 40 acres property. This organization’s mission is to create a global safety net of food, in the form of abspice balls. These balls are being stored in the Seed Temple.
  • A family of endangered species toads were born in the pools of the Water Temple by the Grandmother Stone.
  • More comprehensive categorization system of donated seeds stored on a cloud based system.
  • An expanded network of growers nationwide to grow out the seeds.
  • Construction and completion of the Water Temple.
  • Placement of the Grandfather Stones surrounding the Water Temple.
  • Laying of a paver sidewalk from the Temple of the Golden Child to the Water Temple.
  • Construction and completion of the Fire Temple and the Earth Temple.
  • Construction and inauguration of the Seed Temple and teaching center.
  • Placement of the Guardian Stones in the four sacred directions with a meditative walking path connecting each of the stones.
  • Electrical and natural gas connections.
  • Installation of flagstone sidewalk and patio.
  • Installation of new pump, lines, and lighting to the Grandmother rock.
  • Planting of the Peace Tree.
  • Installation of the rain water drainage from the Seed Temple.
  • Installation of dehumidifier for the Seed Temple.
  • Installation of classroom easel, white board, and projector screen.
  • Installation of deck and stairs outside of Morgan building.
  • Installation of a window air conditioning unit.
  • Installation of a new bathroom sink and faucet.
  • Installation of WIFI and Phone.
  • Installation of the large wind chimes.
  • Installation of the irrigation drip system for outside trees and plants.
  • Installation of water catchment system.