Alliances of the Path

The journey of building Flordemayo’s vision has always been about alliances – our alliance with the seeds, Spirit, Mother Earth, communities, children, and with our own selves- in creating a brighter future for the next seven generations and beyond. The Path has also been blessed to work in close relationship with organizations and individuals who believe in our mission. Together, through these cherished alliances, we continue to build a unified voice for change.

The Path extends our heartfelt gratitude for those groups and individuals that have been instrumental in helping launch The Path from the beginning and in sustaining the vision as we expand. These groups and individuals we call our Cosmic Seeds in honor of the gifts they planted to help us grow. We encourage visitors to visit their websites in support of our shared connections and magical synergy.

Sara Anon
Katie Augustine
Elizabeth Baker
Icasiana Barrs
Jane Bay
Ellen Stone Belic
Deborah Brooks
Duane & Sandra
Rita Carmen Fiedler
Sandra Clifford
Mary DeLatt
Lee Mitchell
Stephan Dinan
Devaa Mitchell
Sandra Emerson
Belinda Eriacho
Bonnie Everett
Marshall Jack
David & Denise Jared
Edmond Jared Jr.
Roberta Lapp
Karyn Lawson
Susan Lipschutz
Nancy Love
Lonetta Lynn Lollar
Jay Lynch
Alice McKittrick
Molly Ornish-Blackwell
Glenn Parry Trust
Iliana Pappas
Claire Plouviez
Charlotte Pollard
Nan Powell
Vikki Reed
Suzanne Rouge
Walter Reifslager
Matthew Scott Barrs Mosenthine
Jennifer Schellenbach
Susan Meinikow
Mary Ann Sornito
Naomi Tsosie
Sherry Ward
Small Miracles Unlimited
Terry Williams & Zoe Crofts
Cynthia Young & Marjorie Segner