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Family Earth Skills Gathering

We are grateful that Juan Villarreal and the new owners, TJ and Frank Killoran, of Apache Springs Ranch have offered this opportunity to hold courses at this site. This new program is a collaboration between 4EEE (founded by Rick Berry), The Path (founded by Flordemayo), The Children of the Earth Foundation, (founded by Tom Brown, Jr.) and Sacred Wind Earth Teachings (founded by Juan Villarreal).

March 29th to April 4th, 2015

A week long immersion in the sacred Apache Springs southwest mountains, south of Tucson Arizona. This gathering will include hands on Earth Skills activities through the arts of nature awareness, tracking, wilderness living skills, earth philosophy, games, care taker attitude, and the spontaneous flow of where the wind guides us to listen and learn.

Grandmother Flordeymayo will be present throughout the week to share her Grandmother’s Wisdom according to the spirit of the participants. Grandmother Mona Polacca will be paying a special visit.

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