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It is our job to honor and protect our babies. Both our physical children, and all of nature that is around us. – Flordemayo

Your support helps to fulfill the mission of The Path to conserve and distribute seeds for future generations. Your donations are critical to ensure the maintenance of the seed temple and other sacred sites on the 40-Acres property, located in Estancia, New Mexico. In addition, your donation(s) make it possible to promote our conservation efforts in the form of free events for the children, outreach to youth organizations and other education venues around conservation of seeds.

Make a Donation to The Path Today

We are posting a wish list of items that would be wonderful contributions to keep our costs low. Thank you for your support.


For the following:
Items Needed:
Heart flagstone patio and walkways
$500 gift card to home depot for cement and sand. Sealant for the flagstone $500
Youth bunk house
$1000 gift card for insulation, sheet rock, and supplies
Patio area behind the Morgan building
$500 gift card for wood for frame and plywood for deck
Seed Temple
3 professional indoor/outdoor thermostat/barometer $75 each x 3 = $225
Seed Temple
Heating/cooling system including HVAC unit, duct work, and materials (Solar possible $6,000 or $3,000 without solar)
Morgan building
Heating/cooling system including HVAC unit, duct work, and materials ($2500 for regular system, NOT Solar)
Youth Bunk house
Heating/cooing system including HVAC unit ($1500) and Mattresses for the bunk house $1000
Morgan Building and Bunk House
Rain gutter system $400
Youth bunk house and Seed Temple
Two 50-gallon drum rain catchment system $400
Central electrical panel relocation (materials, supplies, labor)
Water well readout (electrical, pumps, timers material and supplies, and labor)
$500 for electrical and materials, equipment
Irrigation system for watering landscape, including upgrade of Water Temple
Seed Temple
Projector system with sound for teachings in Seed Temple $1000
Film documentary for Flordemayo/Seed Temple
$3000 for shoot, editing, rental of equipment and marketing
Printing cost for materials
$1000 for printing
Professional Services expense
$5000 Consulting services for Architecture for heating systems on the property
Professional Services (money or pro bono)
$5000 for attorney to review contracts, legal documents developed, etc.
Canon professional camera for the Path (to shoot events, seeds, etc.)-memory cards, lens, etc.
Teepee poles
$1500 for a set of poles and materials to build a rack system
Maintenance costs (landscaping, clerical, cook, water, gas, electrical costs, etc.)
Office supplies (paper, printer cartridges, pens, etc.)
$1000 gift for Office Max
Wind breaker structure made of stones and metal for west side
Add second door (west side) to the Hogan (HIGH PRIORITY)
$1000 gift card from Lowes or Home Depot
Upgrade lighting and additional fan in the Temple of the Golden Child
Install A/C unit for the Temple of the Golden Child, including duct work
3 portable, propane outdoor heaters, and 5-gallon tanks
$1500 from Home Depot or Lowes
4 White portable canopies for events (heavy duty)
$1000 from Big 5, Dick’s Sporting Goods
6 portable tables for events
$400 from Costco or Sams Club
Television with portable stand for viewing DVD and speaker system
$3000 from Best Buy
Travel cost for board, seed keepers, etc. for airfare, mileage, hotel, meals, conference registrations, etc.

Since the beginning, we have been fortunate to have individuals generously donate many office supplies, furniture, building supplies and materials, and seed storage containers to get us started.

If you are interested in donating any item(s) contact The Path.