Seed Temple

The seed temple came through a vision where the Beloved Mother showed me a picture of myself sitting in a rocking chair making bundles and placing seeds in them. – Flordemayo

Listen to Flordemayo discuss the Seed Temple

Why do the seeds need protecting?

The Beloved Mother told Flordemayo, “Make bundles for the children being born and gift these bundles to them. Remind the parents that they are to take care of the seeds the same way that they take care of their children.”

There is a grave threat to the loss of the heritage seeds due to contamination from the genetically modified (GMO) seeds through cross pollination and misguided disuse by gardeners and farmers, which equates to the ultimate threat to a sustainable food supply.

What kind of seeds will be housed in the seed vault and how will they be protected?

The Path will collect, protect and share food, medicinal and flower plant seeds. A naturally-temperature controlled environment will protect the seeds. Each species of seeds will be carefully categorized and sealed in glass jars to keep them viable. The Path will receive their seeds beginning from the local area and eventually from around the world (see seed contribution form below).

What else needs to be done to complete the project?

In addition to preparing the seed temple, we will, at the appropriate time, need to recuperate the seeds in a controlled environment including organic gardening in a greenhouse environment with proper filtering (hepa-filters) to keep the integrity of the heritage seeds from GMO-contamination. The Path will also require individuals who will administer the distribution of seeds from the Seed Temple so that future generations will be served through the use of these precious heritage seeds.

If you wish to donate seeds, kindly download the Seed Donation form and include it with the seeds you send.

Download the Guidelines for Seed Donation to The Path

Download the Seed Donation Form

Download .pdf of the Seed Vault plans