Teachings & Healing

The year 2012 marks humanity’s tipping point into the dawn of a new age – the age of the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine is the Goddess in all traditions and cultures that have been in place since the beginning of time. These traditions are powerful, mystical, magical, and primal to Mother Earth. It is a time of restoration, healing, and renewal.

For Flordemayo, the reawakening of the Divine Feminine was solidified when she was bestowed a ceremonial Staff of Empowerment. The Staff, handcrafted by Mayan and Native American elders, celebrates this extraordinary shift that is happening in each and every one of us. As these feminine energies intertwine with our Divine Spark the birthing of ideas are limitless- the task is to sort out which idea calls the heart to step forward and take flight.

The Path invites you to walk through this door of the Divine Feminine with others to be enlivened by the stories and visions shared by Flordemayo, other visionaries and dreamers. Flordemayo offers group teachings and individual healing sessions. Be inspired to receive guidance for your own personal growth and insight. Find out where your inner guidance leads you…