Private Healing Sessions

When I tune into someone’s field, what I see is a dance of light surrounding the individual’s body. I then translate this information for healing, clearing, personal guidance or whatever the person desires through their intention. My work has been helpful with health issues, life changes, walking with purpose, issues with children, home clearing, mental health, individual and family blessings. – Flordemayo® speaks about the light body

Greetings Brothers and Sisters from All Four Directions,

Flordemayo® connects with individuals for private consultation and healings by appointment. Through this experience, Flordemayo® inspires you to awaken to a level of readiness that empowers you to be an agent of your own transformation.

Thank you so much for your interest in scheduling a private session with Flordemayo®.

To help you get started kindly follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Review Preparation Information & FAQ

Please review the Preparation Information and FAQ which includes: what to expect, how to prepare for a session, costs, and making a payment. In the event you have any further questions kindly email (Please note: Mary Ann will answer emails in the evening. Thank you in advance for your kind patience).

Review Preparation Information & FAQ

STEP 2: Check Availability

Check the available appointment times on the calendar in Mountain Standard Time. All available time slots are visible.

View Calendar & Check Availability

Please refer to the time converter link provided here to ensure that the time is available for you in your location.

STEP 3: Submit Your Information & Complete Payment

When you decide on your appointment time, please submit your information and complete your payment by clicking on the button below.

(Please note: you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay. Credit cards are accepted)

Submit Your Information & Complete Payment

STEP 4: Confirmation

As soon as we receive payment and your desired date and time, Mary Ann will send you a confirmation email with the phone number or Skype number to contact Flordemayo® for your appointment.