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The Path and Estancia Seed Library

The Path is excited to announce that we are now working with our local community library in Estancia to provide local seeds for all our community to enjoy and grow.


Kindly visit the Estancia Public Library for more information.

The Inspiration:

“How all of this came about was over a year ago when Nancy and Greg (our beloved seed keepers) were here working they decided that in order for this project of the Seed Temple to work we need to bring in local folks and get them involved”.

“When we speak of our plants and medicine the protocol is we start in our homes first. We teach our children, our grand children, We extend around our block and so on till we encompass our community.”

Mountain View Telegraph article
Todd G. Dickson – Mountain View Telegraph

Seed library takes root at Estancia Public Library

Along with providing food for thought, the Estancia Public Library is now offering a way for people to grow food for their bodies through a new seed library.

Angela Creamer, head librarian, said the seed library works in some ways like a book loaned out from the library. Seeds are checked out and taken home to grow, but seeds from a successful crop will be returned to replenish the seed library, instead of returning the original seeds.

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